Toddler’s Use Of Hand Sign Questioned [AUDIO]
Some things aren't dirty until you make them dirty. It's your filthy, dirty disgusting mind that is spoiling it for the kids out there.  At issue is a children's song and the accompanying hand gesture.
The New “Karate Kids” [VIDEO]
It's a throwdown!  Somebody is going to get served.  They showed up to chew gum and deliver asswhoopin's and they're all out of gum.  Watch as these to "brawl for it all".  More after the jump.
“Whip Yo Kids” By Nice Peter [VIDEO]
I hate to say it, but sometimes kids deserve a swat. Not a beatdown, but just a swat. You have to "get 'em right with the Lord."  Well, Nice Peter is ready to do the job for ya.

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