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Comedian Bill Burr On Lance Armstrong & Oprah [VIDEO]
I love stand up comedians and Bill Burr is one of the best.  Bill isn't standing this time though, he's on the coach with Conan. Bill has a great couple of minutes here defending Lance Armstrong and calling Oprah out for being fake.  More after the break.
Livestrong Should Live Long
Sorry, I don't care that Lance Armstrong doped while cycling. The difference between doping and using supplements and whatnot is so blurry that I think it's not even possible to draw a line.  As a matter of fact as substances get changed, the line keeps changing too.  Even then, the "Livestrong…
Austin, Texas, Continues to Back Lance Armstrong
Everyone knows I am a sports junky, if I am not working I am usually watching some sport either live or on TV. It doesn't matter what sport it is either, football, baseball, basketball, I've even learned about soccer over the past five years and have watched several games without being mad…
Lance Armstrong Retires [PICS]
World-famous cyclist and seven-time winner of the Tour de France Lance Armstrong has announced his retirement from the sport. The 39-year-old previously retired for 3 years in 2005, but he says this time it’s for good, claiming his age is catching up with him.

Here's to Lance Armstrong …