Memorial Day

City of Lubbock Cemetery to Host Memorial Day Service
The City of Lubbock along with Daughters of the American Revolution will be holding a Memorial Day service Monday, May 29th at 10 am. The service will be held at the Gazebo in front of the cemetery office located at 2011 E. 31st Street.
The City estimates that there are over 2,100 veterans buried at …
How SHOULD You Have Celebrated Memorial Day? [AUDIO]
Memorial Day was yesterday and on my Facebook I saw a few posts about people saying that the people that celebrated Memorial Day by BBQ'in and drinking the day away, that we were in the wrong and we shouldn't take advantage of a day like Memorial Day. So the question is how does one celebr…
The Last Word And Top 25 From The FMX “Top 500″
I don't know what it was, but everybody seemed to be listening to the "Top 500" this past memorial day weekend.  It could have been that fact that it was all 'no-repeat' rock, or people might have enjoyed the anticipation of the countdown, or it just might have …
Top 500 Absolute Rock Tracks This Weekend
We've got four days of badass rock for you this Memorial Day Weekend.  FMX will once again present the indisputable chart of all charts starting this Friday.  This isn't your daddy's list though.  This year we're presenting a list based on just the last fifteen yea…
FMX Memorial Day Blow Out At Joyland
I'm sure several of you have favorite rides at the fair, Six Flags, of other amusement parks. I have been to a lot of parks in my life and I have ridden a lot of rides,
FMX Memorial Day Bash At Joyland [PICS]
There is something magical about amusement parks that turn even the most "hard core dudes" into little boys. That message was clear today as FMX hosted it's annual Memorial Day Bash at Joyland.