I don't know what it was, but everybody seemed to be listening to the "Top 500" this past memorial day weekend.  It could have been that fact that it was all 'no-repeat' rock, or people might have enjoyed the anticipation of the countdown, or it just might have been a 'rockin' weekend".  Anyways, I'll give you the methodology behind the Top 500 and the Top 25 next.

We used to figure in the entire history of hard rock into the Top 500.  We have records of airplay since we began rocking the South Plains.  This year, we took only the last 15 years worth of airplay to make the list. Why just the last 15 years?  Its pretty much the computer era.  Sure we had the data on computers before then, but we wanted to hit the lifestyle of the average 18 to 44 year old listener.  So this list is really, 'the rock of your life".  Sure older songs made it on the list, but they needed to be put in this new perspective, so say, it's not about what Zeppelin meant to your dad, but what they mean to you (you're dad might think they are the greatest band ever, but you are more likely to say 'I like a few of their songs).  It also goes on, almost without saying that bands from Disturbed to Slipknot mean more to you than even Gun's n' Roses.

So with all that in mind, here's the Top 25 songs from the FMX Top 500.  Remember, we're not saying one song is 'better' than another, we're just giving you the MOST PLAYED songs.  And, as a matter of record, no one was even close to the number one song.  It was far and away the most played song of the last decade and a half on FMX.