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The Recipe For World War III [VIDEO]
Here's the situation, the Syrian government is cracking down on protests by killing a lot of people.  Protestors, doctors, kids, it doesn't matter, if you are perceived as anti-government or are somehow in the way, they may snuff you out.  This is at least how the situation is being presented to the…
Let’s Choke Iran to Death For Pennies Per Day
There is this place called The Straits Of Hormuz. Say it out loud for me, "the straits of whore-mooze." It isn't a portion of your body that you apply talcum powder to, it's a vital shipping lane. Something like 10-20% of the worlds oil supply goes through that little "elbow" in …
Middle East Freedom
I really wanted the headline to read "Freedom is coming to the middle east; let's get the hell out of the way. Freedom is coming and it's not the result of guns, it's the easy flow of information that's fanning the flames. Read more after the break.