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Smokin’ Poll: How Much Do You Plan To Spend At The Fair?
The South Plains Fair is pretty much unavoidable. It's a way of life and an force of nature.  Those of us no longer into the fair stuff, still like to drop by for some fair food.  So, are you going to visit?  More after the break.
Smokin’ Poll: Create Your Own Junkfood
Wednesday is/was "Create Your Own Junkfood Day".  It sounds rather complex, but it really isn't because I can immediately think of three creations that aren't available on any menu.  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: Do You Celebrate Any Odd Holidays?
Some people celebrate odd holidays.  Maybe their parents brought those holidays from 'the old country', or some people make a big deal out of lesser holidays like "Grandparents Day'.  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite Fair Food?
The South Plains Fair kicks off on the 20th and people are already salivating.  There's something about the food served at the Fair that can't quite be reproduced outside of it.  More after the jump.
Smokin’ Poll: Do You Still Keep DVDs Or CDs Around?
I was looking at my giant messy stack of dvds the other day and I thought I really should at least throw away the boxes and put them in jewel cases so they'd take up less room.  I've been putting it off for two reasons. Number one, I just can't seem to let go of the boxes themsel…
Smokin’ Poll: Do You Have Pumpkin Carving Skills?
Yeah, it may be a little early to ask this question, but what if we need a pumpkin carved stat?  Would you be up to the challenge?  How well can you carve that pumpkin?  Can you just make a traditional Jack O' Lantern, or can you turn it into a full blown art project?  More …
Smokin’ Poll: What’s Your Favorite New Song?
There's usually one song on the radio or in your Ipod that you're whistling or singling along with.  What song is currently floating your boat.  We're not looking for your all time favorite or any long term commitment here. Click through for more.

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