Dear “Political Phone Call”-Please Kill Yourself
Have you been getting calls from weird numbers or even answered a 'robo-call' from a political 'poll' company or candidate? It's funny how they can do this despite those of us who signed up to be on "do not call" lists.  More after the jump.
President Obama Takes A Stand On Gay Marriage
Today was a momentous day.  The President Of The United States of America said that "same sex marriage" should be allowed.  The President says actual laws should be left up to the states.  Still, it is a historic day for a group of people that just want to be treated…
Politics As Usual
I was a bit taken aback this morning when I saw one candidates campaign slogan.  The slogan in question was "trust God, not congress".  Um, just how many hundreds of examples do people need to see that religion and politics do not mix.  The bummer thing to me is, I was going to vote for th…
Check Out “The Real Mitt Romney” Video Here
This is an amazingly well cut together video.  It's not even really anti-Mitt.  It's really just an exercise in editing. I guess what I'm trying to say is if they author wanted to slam Mitt or anyone, it would have been really easy to do it this way, instead he goes for crea…
Voter I.D. Law Is More Political Misdirection
The possible Texas Voter I.D. law is another either another ridiculous attempt to distract voters or symptomatic of an out of touch government.  When was the last time you heard of anyone cheating at the polls?  It should be EASY to vote, not hard and I can't believe they're even…
Political Labels Are Good For Newspaper Headlines Only
Are You "Conservative", "Liberal" Or "Conservaberal"?
I heard Rick Santorum on the t.v. say he's the true "conservative". Guess what Rick, I'm not simple minded like the rest of America and I'm not falling for it. Now this isn't an article about Santorum, but h…
Judge Napolitano Lays The Smack Down On Politics [VIDEO]
Wowser. I really wish I was smart enough to ask all the questions Napolitano asks in this five minutes. I can't believe this aired of the "Fox Business" channel.  If you're concerned about the future of this country, you might want to check this out:

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