The summer before I began working at KFMX I drove a train ride at an amusement part.  It was a really fun job and it was really old school at the same time.  What we cool is, we actually gave a speech while driving the train. Sure it was on tracks, but we were still in charge of acceleration and stopping.

The place was Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park California. I was a "conductor" on the Calico Mine Ride. The ride was the first one ever built for the park and it was kept the same pretty much until this year.

We would drive the train through the mine showing the sites like underground lakes, rock formations and miners doing various things.  The ride ended with a big explosion and giant Styrofoam rocks would swing towards the riders. It was an absolute blast (no pun intended), I just felt the need to start a real career in Texas.

So anyways, hijinks always ensued. We'd throw fireworks at each other during July, hide in the tunnels and scare each other and sometimes even drive the trains too fast and derail them.  '

The guy on this video talks up some history until about 1:58, then you see how the ride works.  I used to have to give the exact same speech in an "old time-y miners voice" at least a hundred times a night.