K-9 Splashfest is Today. It not only is the one opportunity you have to bring your dog to a city pool, it also marks the closing of the public pools for the year.

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So you have to follow a couple rules to take your dog for a dip. You need a rabies tag or certificate, your dog must be on a leash and aggressive dogs or dogs in heat are not allowed.  The whole thing happens between 1-5 at Clapp Pool.  Admission is $2.50 for adults, $2.00 for kids, but the dog is free.  The location is 46th and Avenue U.

There will be swimsuit, diving and retrieving competitions, plus door prizes.  You can even get your dog micro-chipped for $10 while you're there.

***My apologies for the original incorrect date. That is what was listed on the "Visit Lubbock Site, all other sites list the event as today***