Okay, there is a part in this video that caused me to yell "Holy Sh!t" so loud that Rooster heard me on the other side of the building. Taylor Momsen is not shy and she is certainly not hard on the eyes. She is also not afraid of being naked.

Pretty Reckless

I guess you could say this is tastefully done. You don't actually see the *excuse me* pink parts, but there's nothing else left to the imagination.  Watch carefully for the moment when Taylor rips her clothes open. That clicking sound will be the sound of your jaw dropping.

I am so glad they went about this the way they did though.  The band ground it out on the road for a while now and they didn't use her looks (too much) or nudity to get them on the radio, they earned that.  THEN, they started using her sexuality to kick things into overdrive.


This girls body is INSANE and 3 seconds of it is better than most porn, even though some parts are strategically covered.  Enjoy.