Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless recently called into The Midday Meltdown. In this third part of that interview, Momsen discusses how she gets inspired to write music.

The 34th Annual FMX Birthday Bash is 6 days away (on Sunday, April 19) and we are all stoked to have this lineup come to Lubbock.

I asked Momsen about her songwriting process and how she gets into the mood to write music.

"When I get off the road, I kind of just indulge myself in great art, whether that be paintings or movies or books or music," said Momsen. "You draw from everywhere and reflect on everything you just did and draw from your life and your experiences and everything."

Momsen described the writing process as both rewarding and torturous.

"You sit there and beat yourself up going, 'this isn't good enough' because you're just making s--- up, and eventually you hope something clicks and really says something and comes together in a meaningful way," said Momsen. "That can take a minute or it could take a year, so it's the best and the worst part."

Check out the interview with Taylor Momsen talking about her writing process and get ready for the 34th Annual FMX Birthday Bash Sunday April 19.