Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless recently called into The Midday Meltdown to talk with Rooster about performing live, the band's next album and what rock and roll is to her here is the first part of that interview.

Addressing a question about writing for the band's next record, Momsen said she's got bits and pieces, but won't really settle into the writing process proper until The Pretty Reckless finish up touring.

"I definitely have ideas, I'm always writing...but the real meat of the material comes when you're off the road, at least for me. I have to kind of be isolated from people to be able to really write," Momsen said.

Momsen also revealed that opening for Soundgarden was a personal highlight of her touring career.

"The highlight show for me so far was when we opened for Soundgarden in Quebec, and that was probably my favorite show of the tour," said Momsen.

When asked about possible future collaborations, Momsen neglected to name names, clarifying that liking an artist alone doesn't necessarily mean a collaboration would work.

"It can't be forced at all...it really has to come naturally, and the song has to fit and has to be right," said Momsen. "If something like that happens, then cool, but it's not usually what I'm aiming for."

The Pretty Reckless will continue to tour, then hit the studio for what will be their 3rd studio album.

The Pretty Reckless will be in Lubbock for the 34th Annual FMX Birthday Bash on April 19. The Pretty Reckless have never played in Lubbock before, and I know that we are all very stoked to have them come to Lubbock.