I caught up with Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips of The Pretty Reckless at the 34th annual FMX Birthday Bash and talked about the band's next album, hitting it big and what it was like to hear "Heaven Knows" on the radio for the first time.

I think the band is legit after having worked over six years to become an "overnight success."

I thought that Taylor would serve as the figurehead of the band and maybe come in with a bodyguard, but Taylor really put together a band. I found guitarist Ben Phillips' journey to be fascinating as well.

As Taylor herself put it herself about forming the best band possible: "I wasn't looking for a bunch of kids."

So yes guys, Taylor is beautiful; but she's also talented and very smart. She knows what's up. And while she can be sexy on stage, the bands' songs cover the whole human experience, or as Ben explained to me: "Everyone’s not having sex 24 hours a day, so we write about all the hours of the day."

These two are really on top of their game.

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So, the question everyone is wondering is what's up for the band now that they've hit three number one singles?

"We're kind of actually really relaxed right now, and we're really excited to make a new record. This should be the last run [in the Going to Hell tour]," said Momsen.

I think you're going to find a lot of insight in this interview and come away with a newfound respect for the band and the work they put in to get to this point. I myself went in as a Taylor fan, but came out a big fan of Ben's as well. This guy worked for decades and then finally nailed it.