With the Titans and the Steelers both eliminated from the big championship game our house hold has two options, pick a team to win the game, or watch chick flicks on Lifetime all day next Sunday.

If you are a Cowboy fan you probably already have a "back up" team simply because you are used to not seeing your team play in the game of games of football. Sadly, as a Titans fan, I too know the feeling of needing a back up team.

This year is no different, and as the day quickly approaches we are yet again a house devided. This time not because of who we want to win the game, but because of the teams we want to lose.

I KNOW I am pretty much committing myself to a new girlfriend named Rosey Palm by saying this, but I would not mind seeing the 49er's not walk away with some new bling, partially just because I love Kenan Thompson's portrayal of Ray Lewis.

Notice I never said I "want" Lewis' team to win... Maybe that will be taken into account when it gets down to the nut cutting.