I guess I could and probably will do radio for a while longer. The ratings are good and the readership of my digital is off the hook.  Still with birthday 52 coming up, I'm always asking myself "what's next?".  Now this blog isn't purely about me, it's about examining your choices as well.

Would You Hire This Guy?

So I have a great side business right now (Nightmare On 19th Street) and a partner and I are looking at another (we're seriously investigating whether to open a bar or not), the problem is giving up that main source of income which is my radio thing.

There will be many points in your life where you become an "economic prisoner".  You make just enough money and have just enough position that it becomes a little too scary to make the jump to "the next thing". I heard a statistic once, and I can't even back it up, but it was 9 out of 10 people who leave a job end up in a better one.  I don't know if this is true, but just for the sake of our emotional well being, let's pretend it's true.  You have to believe that when you jump it's going to be for something better.  There just comes a time when you've been say an "assistant manager" for so long at one place, that you have to make a jump for a place that will give you a realistic shot at being the number one.

Now, don't think for a moment that I don't appreciate every single thing this career has given me, but I'd be a fool not to be looking around just in case this goes in the dumpster. I want the same for you. There's nothing wrong with being in a dead-end job as long as you're smart enough to recognize the dead-end and move on.  You're loyalty and tenure at that dead-end job is going to tell the next guy you can be trusted.  Even if your skills aren't transferable, the fact that you show up every day and give it your best means a TON to prospective employers.  So, especially as we start a new year,  join me in asking "what's next?".