Heathen & I were having a little chat over our breakfast of burgers.  Some moron thought it would be okay to approach us and interject.  He was wrong.  More after the jump.

At this point, if you're not interested in political opinions, I suggest you move onto another article.  I wrote a nice one about bands I met here.

In the U.S. we have a problem. It's not a conservative problem. It's not a liberal problem. It's a politics problem.  The problem is that all politics are tied back to the marketing of that politician or political platform.  Along the way, the slogans and posturing tend to contradict the actual positions.   What Heathen and I were talking about was, how conservatives say they want less government, then turn around and try to make MORE laws, especially ones on conservative moral issues.  Now, we're not going to debate the wrong or right of that here.  We're going to look at little math:

More laws+More regulation=More Money And Government People Needed To Enforce Them.

Okay.  Now, if you can't dispute the little math I put together up there, then don't comment on this article.  We aren't talking about being right or left, we are talking politics. It COSTS TIME AND MONEY to put laws into effect and that is not SMALLER GOVERNMENT (yes, I am shouting with fonts, because it apparently isn't being heard up on Capital Hill).  So there is the little talk Heathen and I were having.

Then Mr. Cheesburger walks up and says, "I heard ya puttin' together a radio program or something, and we WE want is smaller government and during the Obama administration the government has grown, blah blah blah".  I just said, in the history of U.S. Government there has never been a government that was smaller than the one before it (I'll wait while you fact check).  He said yes there has and I said no there hasn't and he said, there was when Reagan was President and I repeated there has NEVER been a government smaller than the one prior, not even during the Reagan years (I've often wondered why people says "seven days a week including Sundays, it's because sometimes you have to point things out twice for it to go into peoples thick-ass skulls).  Now I could have told him he was using inflated government numbers because the U.S. census temporarily employed something like 600,000 people or any number of any facts, but I was too busy decided whether it was worth it to stand up and smack the assbag in the mouth.

You see guys, I don't want to talk politics here.  I don't want to talk about them over breakfast. I don't want to talk about them at all, but I WILL point out EVERY TIME when someone is full of horse-hockey.  I wanted fries with my gravy, not a misinformed political opinion.  I do not suffer fools gladly.  I am not an aloof liberal. I am a sane, rational human being that will slice and dice you and serve you with a plate of eggs if you get between me and my breakfast.

So, please don't assume anyone wants to hear your opinion, especially while they're eating.  There seems to be this thought that Lubbock is the official "He-man government haters club" and it's okay to spew nonsense to anyone you run into.  They also don't understand when you tell them to shut up that it has little to do with their political views, it has to do with ALL political views.  The fact is, Mr. Cheeseburger conservative, I don't know you, your education, your so-called facts or whether your dad sodomized sheep, so therefore any opinion you give has no base to be built on.  For all I know, since you think you can just walk up and talk politics in a Whataburger to random folk, you very well be and escaped mental patient.  Go call an a.m. talk show, they LOVE your types there.