I give McDonalds credit for the ultimate food invention: the legendary Egg McMuffin.  There is hardly a better breakfast item you can get anywhere. A while back I had the idea, why not make 'em at home. The results were absolutely outstanding.

Making Egg McMuffins at home is easy. You need an English muffin, an egg, a little ham and a slice of cheese. While you're cooking the egg, use the spatula to control the size of the egg. Right before you're ready to flip the egg, bust it (trust me, these are messy enough). Meanwhile throw a couple slices of ham next to it. After just a little bit, throw your cheese on top of the ham so it will start getting melt-y.  Toast an English muffin, butter it up and put your creation together. They're buttery, melt-y, drippy and have just a hint of a crunch from the English muffin.  This makes for a GREAT dinner or breakfast.