Like pretty much anyone these days, our radio station is always attacked for reasons unknown. That's just the norm on the internet these days, you can say any awful thing about anybody and be a faceless coward and hide behind a graphic. Us d.j.s get our share of it too, but as I've said before "hate is a by product of success". This gets to be especially true when you're the top dog in town. I think there's some valuable lessons in here for you too.

It's often not worth your time to address those who try to provoke you without cause and without the testicles to show their faces.  When you think about it, you have already achieved victory because your success has forced them to expend time and energy on doing whatever they can to bring you down. They are literally wasting their lives because they can't handle that you're doing well. They aren't being productive, they aren't achieving anything on their end, and they are letting your success be a cancer that eats away at their chances of ever doing anything on their own.  It really is just lazy and cowardly. I can't state that enough. Somewhere in their mind there is a disconnect that tells them "maybe if I knock them off their high-horse I can ride it". Well, it doesn't work that way.

Yep, this is my 1,000,000 article on haters, but there are two points to be made here. #1 This is something that nearly every one of you with a Facebook account deals with and #2 I use these peoples counter-productive behavior to do something productive.  And you know what the real difference is?  I get paid to write, all they get is the satisfaction of swirling that stick they have in their asses around a bit.