With 45 minutes of the tragic explosions at the Boston Marathon, we had posters on our Facebook page trying to claim it was a government conspiracy.  Yes, before the blood was even dry and the initial tears were shed, jerk offs began trying to spread their nonsense.  More after the jump.


I firmly believe that the U.S. government is too big and inefficient to quietly participate the skullduggery that people accuse it of.  When I see our legislators and representatives on t.v. I literally can't believe they made it to Washington without getting lost or stopping to look at something shiny.  Even with this said, how can anyone start making judgement on this horrible tragedy before the smoke has even cleared? What good would it do and what purpose does it serve to rush to judgement?  What kind of soulless creep are you that you would accuse innocent people of murder with NO EVIDENCE.

Now is the time for Americans to join together.. We need to find those responsible and hold them fully accountable.  We DO NOT need conspiracy nuts to use this opportunity to advance their silly agendas.

Here's the report on the tragedy from the Boston Globe.