People get themselves to worked up over some topics the ignore the facts.  Let's go with that, instead of calling them straight up stupid.  Then there's the politicians that know what topics will get certain segments of society worked up enough to vote.  Plan B pills shouldn't get anybody with a basic knowledge of the human body worked up.  More after the jump.


I can't believe I'm even writing about this topic, but there are people who bully you because you have a lack of information.  Discussion of the Plan B pill is in the news, so I thought I'd hip you to the way it works.

It's simple, a woman's body makes and then release an egg to where it can be fertilized by male sperm. Plan B pills keep the body from releasing that egg.  That's it, it's over it's done.  There is never any meeting of the two components to make a baby.  There's no "spark", no nothing.  To even debate "morning after pills" is ludicrous.  The only thing that could be more invasive to a woman's reproductive rights is to guard her business at gunpoint.

I've even heard politicians claim that they are worried that "eleven year old girls won't understand how to use the pill".  Well let's see, it's a pill. We all know what to do with those.  It's called called "the morning after pill", so maybe, just maybe you take it "the morning after".

Discussion of the morning pill has nothing to do with abortion. It's no more than a birth control pill that you take when you forget to take your birth control pill. They are for emergency use and you should probably look for better means of birth control.  I just can't stand the fact that there are so many supposedly intelligent people out there who haven't taken one minute to research this.   Don't let anybody b.s. you.