Okay, as you were told, the Mayan calendar didn't "run out" of days, it just started over.  This was just the latest in a long line of Doomsday prophesies I've lived through and I've about had it.  More after the jump.


We didn't die in Y2k, nothing happened on 12/12/12, zippers when the planets aligned and let's not forget the preacher that put the end of the world billboards up all over the place.  Whether your beliefs fall towards science or religion one thing is for sure-no one knows when or if the end has come.  All the prophesies have done is make some people who weren't intelligent or mentally stable nervous and aggravate the rest of us.

I liken the end of the world nonsense to the religious nonsense that pops up every few years.  I'm speaking of those people who claimed the talking bear Teddy Ruxpin was an 'enchanter' and tool of the devil, that Harry Potter was going to have all children practicing witchcraft and yes, that the "Windy Man" in Lubbock had us worshiping graven images.

So we survived the last 'doomsday'.  Society wasn't breaking down. The world wasn't falling apart.  We made it through to the other side and things are just different. Maybe not better but certainly not worse, just different. It may seem like I lost the thread here, but I really haven't.  My message is simple, quit freaking out.   We're in 2012 and about to head into 2013, it's time to quit letting these superstitions and predictions put us on edge.  We've got trying times ahead of us, but hey, so did your grand dad when the Soviets tried to put nukes in Cuba, when your dad had to endure gas lines or when we all had to hold our heads up after 9/11.  We've made it through and sometimes even with a smile.  So keep in mind when the next charlatan predicts the end of all that is good that it's just another nutball looking for headlines.