We are all used to seeing commercials on TV, hearing adds on the radio, and these days we are even getting used to seeing commercials before a movie starts, even at the beginning of a DVD. And don't even get me started on the whole product placement thing going on these days in movies and on television.

As annoying as this is at times, I do understand the need for advertising and I appreciate that so many companies at least try to bring a sense of humor into their campaigns to entertain us as well as help their product stand out among the thousands of images we see each day.

Just when we thought we had witnessed product placement in every possible place companies could come up with,  a new Japanese advertising campaign is causing heads to turn and making people do a double take...

Rather than renting space on a billboard, or the side of a building they have started paying young girls to rent space on their thighs where they place temporary tattoos to advertise.

The girls get paid to place the tattoos on their legs and to post pictures of themselves on social media sites like Facebook in order to draw attention to the products, goods, or services provided.

Even the band Green Day got in on the newest marketing tool, check out the full story here.

Check out the video...