TLRocKtober is here!! You know what that means? It's time to get your tickets, for the 2013 TLRenaissance FREAKSHOW!! The event takes place, on October 19th, at Klusoz.


We have $20 VIP Booth seating, $15 VIP Table seating and $10 GA Standing Only tickets available, online. VIP Booth seating is almost sold out, but we still have numerous VIP Table seats and GA Standing Only tickets available. Prices are advanced sales, only. If you choose to take the risk and purchase, at the door, expect an extra $5 charge. Remember...VIP Booth and VIP Table seating offers goody bags, allows for comfy seating, throughout the show, a spectacular view, as well as a unique opportunity to be somewhat involved in this highly interactive and in-your-face performance! GA Standing Only still allows you to see the show, and you may find yourself being drawn into the performance, as well...depending on the performers. We really never know what these freaks will do! Regardless of whether you choose to sit or stand, you're guaranteed to have a rare and entertaining experience, as well as numerous stories to tell, after the show! I've always said, "It's not something I can describe. You just have to be there. It's an experience." To purchase tickets, and for more information, check out the website