Okay, I know a lot of Dallas Cowboy fans who might not like this, but I also know a lot of Cowboy fans who are definitely scratching their heads at this deal.

Let's be honest, Tony Romo has his good days and his bad days. His good days are pretty good, but his bad days are absolutely horrid and Cowboy fans know it.

Anyone can argue that he has the potential to break through and have a monster year, but doesn't every quarterback have the same potential with the right coaches and weapons around him? Sure he has the fifth highest passer rating in the postseason of ALL TIME at 95.6, but has that translated to postseason victories? Just one of five postseason games with Romo at the helm have been victories, so no. I'll admit, his stats are impressive on paper (177 touchdowns, 91 interceptions, 25,737 yards total)

Look, I'm not saying he's a bad quarterback, but I'm not going to say he's been good. He's shown some strides, but to be frank, I've seen some dismal effort from him before.

Bottom line: he doesn't deserve this kind of money. I've spoken to a couple of fans about this and they expecting nothing more than continued mediocrity out of Dallas. Time will tell, yes, but I have to say, I'm expecting the same thing.