Wowser this one has been a mess.  We had July 24th for the date of the big show. Then we saw the "showcards" that were passed out at X-Fest that said July 25th and we went with that.  It turns out that was a printer error (just like the fact it had Odessa shows on the back).  The date according to the festivals website and advertising is indeed the 24th as we originally announced.  More after the jump.

We didn't bother saving any of the showcards, but as you can see from this one uploaded to "Rock and Metal News", the date was listed as the 25th.  Once again, this is wrong.  On the 25th the band is in Belton.  Here's the bands official website. And here's the Trespass America Website.  One thing is for sure, when we find out who gave the wrong date to the printer we're going to give them a "Five Finger Death Punch" to the throat.