I was reading through a blog about what Baylor had to do in order to win the national championship. It talked about what teams had to win and lose and it never mentioned one thing-they have to beat Texas Tech. Texas Tech is EXACTLY the type of team that will play spoiler for a team like the Baylor Bears.

Texas Tech has been playing Baylor for a LONG time. The record for the match ups is 36-34-1 (with Tech on top).  It's no secret, for some reason in football, sometimes a team that has no business even being on the field with you, has your number.  Now, Tech and Baylor are move evenly matched than that.  In fact one thing Tech does is just run the other teams ragged, that's not going to happen with Baylor. Apparently Baylor's new strength and conditioning coach is being given A LOT of credit for the team stepping up this year.

What could make this a win for Tech is simple, BIG plays.  Tech has nothing to lose. Tech is a rabid, cornered dog, and it's staring a giant bear shaped pork  chop.  All it's going to take is one run back, one long pass, one fumble recover or one big tackle at the right time.  I know these things are unlikely and Tech is hurting physically, but these things are still MORE likely with Tech than with most any other team.

My prediction for this game is simple. We're going to know who is going to win by the middle of the second quarter.  This game isn't going to be close.  They're going to have us ground down and out of it early, or we're going to catch a couple breaks and take the wind out of their sails.