When you make  millions of dollars a year to play a game you should be able to act like an adult and be a role model for kids. Today's NBA game between The Mavs and The Lakers was one of the worst displays of sportsmanship I have ever seen!

With "professionals" acting the way these guys did today, is it any wonder we have parents screaming at kids and even attack players and parents during little league games?

It's no secret I'm a die hard Titans fan and Woody is a die hard Steelers fan, this week I have to say Hines Ward's behavior and attitude about being pulled from a car and handcuffed at gun point over a misunderstanding earned my respect. It is time for all professional athletes to take the high road and understand they are payed a great deal of money to play a game they love. They are role models and looked up to, not only by children but by teens and adults alike. There is more than enough hate and violence in this world, and when people that are in the position to make a difference choose to act like asses on the court or on the field, it is only natural for their fans to act the same at times.

Grow up guys and show some class. Go to the videos.