I really hate going to WalMart, at any time of the day but sometimes you get to run into some really cool people. This was the case last night when I ran into one of our younger listeners.

As Danielle and I made our rounds through the grocery aisle, I walked by this little bro and he was giving this look of he wanted to say something but wasn't sure look. So as I walked by I told "High lil man" and he then asked if I was Rooster and then we started to chat a little bit about where he went to school and what his favorite music was and so on.

Now I did take notice that his Mom was standing right there and since I don't look like an outstanding citizen she was totally wondering who this man was talking to her son. I introduced myself to her and his Dad and they were really cool.

I grabbed a pic and so did he which made my Walmart experience much more better than what is was.

Here's to our buddy Mark from Ropesville, Metal Horns Up!