This past Saturday was the 33rd Annual FMX Birthday Bash and we all had a blast. I can't thank the FMX listeners enough for making my night a memorable night.

Maybe I am looking into this too much or maybe I am not, but when I would make my way through crowd to shake hands, take some shots, visit with the people that make FMX great and take some more shots, there was a lady that stopped me to take a picture with her daughter.

Her name is Ginny, and I can't remember how old she is, but I do remember her being pretty excited to get a picture. This is what makes our listeners not the only best but FMX a family affair as well.

I guess what I am trying to say is it is really humbling to have a mother come up and say, "Will you take a picture with my daughter? She is your biggest fan." To see the wide variety of people that listen to and love FMX and to know that this little girl will be a lifetime FMX listener is just really cool to me.

Cheers to the greatest listeners that we have at Lubbock's Rock Station!