It was mass chaos this morning as Lubbock drivers responded to some slight weather changes by driving like morons.  The RockShow was hit with a ton of reports this morning varying from a seven car pileup on I-27 to accidents on the Loop & Marsha Sharp, a rollover onto the golf course and 98th and Quaker, and other mishaps elsewhere across the Hub.  More after the jump.


So what that heck was going on?  A little ice here, a little fog here and a lot of people not being careful.  It really isn't that hard to make adjustments for changes in weather.  When working in Spokane it snowed TWO FOOT one night and we were still expected to be on the air at the radio station which was on top of a hill!  It wasn't just us poor d.j.s either, most folks in Spokane and the free world know weather as something you just deal with.  Evidently 'weather' of any sort is so rare here that people freak out.  Do they really have to be told to have a little space between them and the car in front of them when the weather is wet or icy?  Do they really have to be told to slow down when they can't see through the fog?  Does it just not make sense that you shouldn't go so fast that you can't see what's in front of you?

Now, I'm going to give the drivers a bit of a break and say that Lubbock has no real drainage system at all, but you should probably know that by now.  Water, ice, rain and Slurpee cups are going to all gather in the usual places.  Even then, you should know what the usual places are by now.

I am starting to believe that the oil change places are in cahoots with the government and the auto industry and they charge your cars heating systems with some sort of "dumb air".  This biological agent makes Lubbock drivers especially prone to stupidity when behind the wheel.

It's simple Lubbock.  Bad weather-slow down.  That is all.

If you'd like to share any stories of the buttwipes you've encountered on Lubbock roads, we'd love to hear them.