Weird All always takes on the biggest of the big and even I have to admit the songs "Blurred Lines" and "Happy" were unavoidable this year. You just could not get away from that stuff.  Now instead of hating on the fact that these were pop songs, let's enjoy the fact that he's making fun of pop songs.


Evidently Al is trying to do "8 Videos In 8 Days".  Let's start with the second video first.  Hot of the presses today is "Word Crimes" based on that song by...well you don't care.  The good thing is that you can learn some grammar  by watching it.

Yesterday Al released the first video off the album and it's a takeoff on that "Happy" song (I think it was in Despicable Me 2).  All I really know is that singer was wearing some big Smokey The Bear type dopey hat while he was collecting awards this year.

Weird Al's new album will be called "Mandatory Fun".  Here's some fun trivia for you. Chances are that Weird Al sold more albums than your favorite band. Al has had six platinum albums and four gold albums.  He has sold over 12 million albums worldwide.