With my switch to middays here on Lubbock's Rock Station, I have plenty of time to come up with ways to make Wes Nessman's day brighter.

When it comes to mine and Wes Nessman's relationship it is basically a side show where we just try to make each other miserable with insults and so on. Wes has the upper hand though because he will critique my man sometimes harshly and I can't tell if he is being serious or not.

As for me I try to come up with ways to just annoy him, like if he is on a phone call i will get in his line of sight and make some questionable gestures and so on.

Today I went in the the jock room which has mine, Wes's and Driver's desk where Wes does most of his work and I asked him if he had a jack because I needed assistance. I posted the video to my Instagram and you can give me a follow below.

Checkout the video and be warned this video is NOT SAFE FOR WORK I do drop a F-Bomb. And in my defense Wes did get a chuckle out of the punch and followed up with it would have to be a little jack.