When you search the web as much as I do, you tend to spot little mini-trends. Whenever I see what appears to be an "insider" type reference, I look it up so I can understand what's going on.  Yesterday I found out what "Rule 35" was, so I thought I'd let you know about that, as well as "Fapping" and "Brazzers".  More after the jump.


So here you go, you're about to learn the origin of these word/phrases and most of them are little suggestive.

Somewhere along the line, someone made up a joke list of internet "rules".  This one that's being quoted lately is Rule 35.  Rule 35 is, "If there isn't a porn of it, a porn WILL be made of it".  Rule 34 which proceeded Rule 35 (of course) is "There is a porn for every conceivable subject".

So how about "Brazzers"?  I've seen the term "Brazzers" used quite about with suggestive pictures and whatnot.  "Brazzers" is actually the name of one of the worlds largest porn production companies and website owners.  So, you might see a picture of a hot girl sucking on her thumb with a comment saying "that's so Brazzers".

And what about "Fapping" and "Fap"?  Well kids, that's straight up male masturbation.  Yep.  Think about it-fap, fap, fap, fap, fap....yeah.   Okay since that's stuck in your brain, let me tell you about the lesser used terms for females and that's "smoishing" and "schlicking".

So, if you feel like "fapping" or "schlicking you could go to a "Brazzers" site and "Rule 34" states that whatever porn you're into, it will be there or "Rule 35" states that if it hasn't been made,  it will eventually get made.