Let's face it; not a single one of us on this planet is getting any younger. I have told you guys about "Woody's" term for older women who refuse to admit to themselves that they are not 16 (remember 1660).These days it seems more and more people are hitting the gym not only to get or stay fit, but also to recapture their youth.

Then we have stars, actors and rockers who regardless of their age seem to always be able to maintain "demigod" status.

Don't believe me... suggest to a chick that Ashton Kutcher is not as "hot" now as he was when he was on "That 70's Show." Or that Bret Michaels was better looking back in the day.

If you do this guys be warned you will not hear the end of it for a while.

Just this week a picture of Steven Tyler sporting a bit of man boob has surfaced and I have actually heard chicks say they have no problem with it. Seriously ?

I will always love me some Steven Tyler and can only hope that some day I will be as comfortable with aging as he seems to be.