Now this is very different for men and women when it comes to heading out to a concert and I am just curious what is your go to concert attire?

Now when I go to a show I take the very minimum with me. I like to wear my 1 Stars with my camos, I do have a pretty comfortable FMX shirt that has been broke in and I wear a under shirt so that my booby sweat doesn't go through the shirt and I throw on a cap and that's it except for the cash in pocket and my wallet that's on a chain.

I feel like most dudes are right there with me but when it comes to ladies I have seen women that I'm thinking why would you do that to yourself. I have seen ladies wear heels to a show along with not dressing for the concert.

The only advice I can give men and women, go comfortable and wear comfortable shoes, other than that, it's your fault for doing it to yourself!