A few days ago I was in the FMX jock room when I over heard this conversation with Wes Nessman and our very own Bob.

Now before I get hated on for making fun of "old people" or anything like that, one day we will all be in this boat where we will need advice from other epople when it comes to certain comfort.

As I was sitting in the jock room, our own Bob came in holding a bag and asked Wes if this is what he was talking about. now what was in the bag was some sort of foot insert, you know the soft stuff that goes into your show to help feet pain. Now I know that having feet pain is not very fun but it took me off guard to see Wes Nessman having this conversation.

As you will see in the video, the video starts off with me saying "this is what old people talk about" and before I could get the conversation Wes had rolled his chair over and flipped my chair over with me in it! But the final staple is what our Bob saif at the very end.

Now I am sure that one day I will have to talk to someone about feet inserts, or Ensure or whatever but I can say this, today is not that day.