So, as you know, this is Lubbock's first tattoo convention. In fact, the crew at Inkfluence and I had to speak, in front of City Council, to impress upon the city the need to change an ordinance, which (before now) prevented such an event. Since it will be the first of its kind, in the city, many of you likely have no idea what to expect. Well, of course, as you can expect to see 40+ National and International tattoo artists, but I know you have a few more questions, about the event.


Here are just a few frequently asked questions, answered for you:

(Q) What will these tattoo artists be doing, at the tattoo convention?

(A)They'll be tattooing, of course!


(Q) Can you sign up to get a tattoo, from any artists you choose?

(A) Of course you can! That is why you will likely want to get the weekend pass (available online), so you can browse the artists and their work, on Friday, and schedule with them, for either Saturday or Sunday.


(Q) Will there be a list of artists available, online, prior to the expo?

(A) Yes. As soon as we have received all registration information from all artists, we will post that list, online.


(Q) Can you book, in advance?

(A) Yes. You can. However, you may want to wait, until you've seen everyone else's work, before you make that decision.


(Q) Will there be local artists, at the expo?

(A) There will be no local artists, at the expo, so this will be your chance to get a tattoo, from an elite artist, from Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, or even abroad.


(Q) Can you simply walk around and watch people getting a tattoo?

(A) Yes. Even if you don't want a can simply feed your curiosity, with regard to the art form.


(Q) Will there be other events, for me to enjoy, at the expo?

(A) Yes. There will be other events, as well as vendors, artists, live entertainment and music to hold your attention. Here is a list of just a few of the artists/events/vendors you can look forward to seeing:

The Car Chasers
Pretty in Punk
Threads Locks & Rock
Ivory & Ash
Spoonfed Tribe
Freebird's World Burrito
Luck 13 Apparel
West Texas Roller Dollz
94.5 FMX
102.5 KISSFM

For more information, go to our website:  or check us out, on Facebook.