This happened recently in the Texas Senate. Debate and public comments over the house bill that will change abortion rules is full of sincere people on both sides who feel they have a right to be heard by their government. And they do have that right, until someone doesn't like what they're saying.

This is a lady opposed to the bill. Sarah Slamen got up to speak after waiting hours for her turn. shortly after she began, the chairwoman, Jane Nelson, attempted to stop her. when she didn't stop speaking her mind, which is her right, she was forcefully removed by state troopers.

I'm not attempting to advocate for any side here. I am however advocating for free speech. This wasn't a question of whether there was time for her to make her statements, all those who had lined up prior to 11am would get their turn. This was merely a question of the chairperson not liking what Ms. Slamen was saying. I'm pretty sure that's not what free speech is about. It doesn't matter if i disagree with what you're saying, you have the right to say it.

Ms. Slamen wasn't being ugly, cursing, or in any other way being anything but professional. So why is this ok? It's not!