Avatar is a "thing" with my friends.  I guess I should say that my friends vary widely in age,  lifestyles, backgrounds and whatnot.  We've been fans of the band for quite some time now.

Avatar Black Waltz

Avatar frontman Johannes Eckerstrom usually sports makeup that is somewhere between "The Crow" and "The Joker" and has a generally malevolent air about it.  The band has bounced back and forth from really catchy stuff to absolute hardcore and everything in between.  They seem to continually stand on that ledge between obscurity and next big thing.  They have a new release that's perking up a few ears. I've included the new audio video as well as some classic Avatar videos. Enjoy.

Here's the audio from their new single called "Bloody Angel"

Let It Burn (Live)

Check out the cool (mostly backwards) video for Torn Apart

Hail The Apocalypse

And probably their most popular song yet, Smells Like A Freakshow