Volbeat rocks the Hub tonight and it looks like this show will sell out.  In fact based on past models, it will probably sell early today.  Here's some tips on buying tickets on the day of a show.  More after the jump.

Tickets are generally sold in three places for rock shows; at FMX, Ralph's and online at Frontgate tickets.  When a show day comes, the promoters have to go back the locations and pick up the remaining tickets and funds and take whatever is left over to the box office.  The time they do these pickups can vary wildly.

So, due to a unique office situation, the remaining Volbeat tickets are FMX has already been picked up (all other tickets remain available).  That leaves you with Ralph's, online and at the box office.  I'm pretty sure Ralph's will have them until five or six (unless they sell out).  I think you can also buy them online until that time as well.  At that point your only hope is to head to the box office, which opens about an hour before showtime.  There's usually a person or two with an extra ticket they need to get rid of as well.

I will tell you however, that it is HIGHLY likely that all tickets will be gone by the end of lunch.  I don't know this, but we're very experienced in this area and can make a fairly accurate call in these circumstances.  The only variables in the situation is that this is a Monday night show, and it's spring break.  The first could make tickets sell slower and the second could make them sell much faster.

The promoter and persons at the Pavilion are VERY aware of capacity laws.  They WILL NOT sell over capacity.  We all want a good safe show tonight.

For additional updates, tune in Driver this afternoon.  He'll be able to tell you minute by minute about ticket availability.

One more item, if you go online here, it gives a message about the show being moved to "backstage live".  That message is an error.  This show was, is and will be in the Pavilion at the Lone Star events center.