I am an unashamed Bush lover. They have gotten a bum rap over the years, but they have given us some awesome tunes. More after the jump.

Thing about this song listing:  "Everything Zen," "Little Things," "Glycerine," "Mouth," "The Chemicals Between Us," "Comedown," "Swallowed," and "Machine Head"  is there's just no denying these guys have written some great tunes.

The band is planning a bit of a comeback this summer. We've heard that they may tour with 3 Doors Down and on another leg possibly with Staind. I'll be there no matter who they're with.

They are currently giving away a free download in honor of their association with EA Sports. The song has a really cool vibe. It may be a little too alternative, but there's no denying it's a "head-bobber."  You can listen to the song or download it at the link below. And just because I may have got you in the mood, I've included some videos below.

Check out the new Bush here.