I'll re-ask the title question, "why wouldn't we put a video of a 20 year old girl acting slutty on the FMX page?".  Just turn the sound down, man.


Miley Cyrus is back (I guess) with some video that has something to do with a party and spanking ass.  The music sounds like the usual horrible pop stuff that is squeezed out like an epic bathroom visit after last nights Patio Enchilada T.V. dinner.  The deal is, she's kind of hot.  She's also 20 now and evidently feeling a little frisky (or 'Miley' in her terms).

p.s. that thing that starts the video is not a 'marital ad'. It's product placement for "the Pill", some speaker or something that just looks like a dildo.

p.s.s.  Want a fun drinking game that will get you HAMMERED?  Just do a shot anytime she sticks out her tongue.