A friend asked me about the Syria situation and I said like everybody I'm a little "war-weary".  His response was "why"? That made me think a bit deeper. He's right, it's not like I'm lobbing grenades from my easy chair.

If it is proven 100% that the government gassed it's own people, then we need to take those evil bastards out.  Done and done. See you in hell, tell Bin Laden, Hussien and Gaddafi we said 'hi'.

I used to be one of the "blow 'em all up and we'll sort it out later" guys.  I had no love for overseas and felt like many of you that we should take care of business at home before we continue work around the world.  Then, one simple question came to mind:  How close to dying kids do we have to be to care?  It's that simple. Children were gassed and killed. I don't care about their parents. I care that little kids, with no dog in the fight, were killed.  So, would you change your mind if those kids were in England?  Mexico? Oklahoma, or Brownfield?  Where do dying kids start mattering in your book?  Is it only kids from the U.S.A. that count?

Yep, I know. We'll probably save some kids lives that will grow up ignorant and hate us because we killed their uncle accidentally or even because he was part of the scum that poisoned the kids. That's beside the point.

Then there's the "take care of our own problems first" people.  Guess what?  Our kids are fat, privileged and have access to an education and social services.  So, at exactly at what point have we "taken care of our problems" so that we can go back to being better human beings?

Our Government will most likely strike Syria. They'll probably do a targeted strike to take out whatever they can that could be used to crop dust or poison people. The world and even you may not be behind the efforts, but it's the right thing to do.  Lastly, with the anniversary of 911 coming up, remember, if we don't go to the evil people, they eventually come to us.