“Guaranteed Professional Quality & Experience”

J Ferg Roofing & Foam provides free estimates, fully guaranteed work, and the best service in Lubbock. Whether you need metal roofing, flat roofing, residential, or commercial, J Ferg is the roofing contractor you can trust.

J Ferg is a premium roofing company.  They are locally owned and operated from right here in Lubbock Texas. They can assist you in the whole roofing process from picking out your new roofing product, to walking you through your insurance paperwork.

  • Confidence: The J Ferg team will leave you confident that you have made the best decision in hiring the proper contractor to protect your most valuable asset. Their customers and their satisfaction is their #1 priority.
  • Education: The J Ferg project managers take the time to educate each and every customer from product selection and installation to the insurance claim process. It is important to them that all of their customers make an educated decision.
  • Led by: J.R. Ferguson

    Contact them today for a free estimate. Their trained and experienced staff can visit your home or business today and review the current condition of the roof which protects your home or business. Peace of mind is knowing before a problem occurs. Stay local and trust in J Ferg roofing and foam.