I read a book called "The Zombie Survival Guide" that was an excellent parody of a cold war survival manual. The book, by Max Brooks portrayed "zombieism" as a real thing and dealt with why bodies reantimate, why zombies are "hungry", what happens to zombies that eat too much and of course the various things you should do to defend yourself against the undead hordes.  In the back of the book there were case histories (short stories) about zombie battles.  That portion of the book was so popular, the them was expanded into the book "World War Z". That book is now being made into a movie by and starring Brad Pitt.  More after the jump.

Now our friends at Ain't It Cool News are reporting that the upcoming World War Z movie may be the first of three.  Apparently some people are looking at this as a big budget franchise for Brad Pitt. I'd like to hope that this comes true.  As I mentioned, it's just a series of short stories and Brad Pitt playing the part of a reporter strings the stories together. This type of scenario really leaves the series open for additions FOREVER.  When you think about it, they could even kill Pitt off in one of the movies and bring in a new reporter.  The only downside to any of this?  The movie studios are insisting that this movie be rated PG-13.  Us scare fans and gore-mongers are going to have a hard time with a zombie series that is "tame" by todays standards.  Now, who knows what they can get away with on the big screen? On the television show "The Walking Dead" they actually showed a guy being pulled in half after stewing in a well for a while, so maybe they will be able to deliver the necessary grossness involved with flesh eaters.

World War Z is set to hit theaters right before Christmas 2013.  That's right, right when people (ignorant ones) are predicting the end of the world, we'll  be able to see a reasonable facsimile right there on the big screen.