Wow. A friend hooked me up with this info and I can't believe I didn't already know this.  Adrian Patrick from "Otherwise" sang on one of the biggest songs of 2010.  Do you have any idea what it was?  When I reveal it, you'll have a real "oh wow" moment.  More after the jump.


Otherwise will be opening this Saturday for Papa Roach and Stone Sour at the FMX Birthday Bash.  When they were first booked, a lot of people were saying "who"?  At that time the band had a very minor hit with the song "Soldiers".  Now, they're blowing up ginourmous with the song "I Don't Apologize".  So have you guessed what song Adrian Patrick sang on?  People in Lubbock (and around the world) thought enough of the song to get snippets of the lyrics tattooed on their bodies.  Okay, enough teasing.  Adrian Patrick of Otherwise is the guy who sang the duet "The Promise" with Maria Brink and In This Moment.   He's since shaved the wolfman beard.  Here's the three videos mentioned.