Some people take "the right to bear arms" just a little too seriously.  For whatever reason they insist on pushing their ability to pack heat in public places. The South Plains Fair isn't having it.

I have been unable to get many details on this story, but the Fair is not allowing people to go strapped to the Fair, license or not.  The question is, why do you need to take a gun to the Fair?  If you're expecting trouble at the Fair, stay home so no one gets caught in the crossfire.

We regularly hear from the lunatic fringe that "they're coming to take our guns away".  Well, I believe taking a firearm to events like this transcends the boundaries of "responsible gun ownership" .  Even worse would be those people who would attempt to ride the rides while carrying. Sorry, not everybody is as smart as you. Someone would try it, and it could go really wrong, really quick. THEN, people have a good reason to put even more restrictions on you.

I understand that you may feel the need for protection in some places.  There is plenty of security at the South Plains Fair. In this particular situation, let's let the pros handle it.

Now, I now guns are a *hot button* topic. You are WELCOME to comment in a reasonable manner.