There far too many people out there who want to spread their political views like a flu virus.  I'm not talking about "once in a while", I'm talking about every minute of every day.  If that's what you're about, then put it on YOUR webpage. It's not your job to police someone else's feed or tear someone down because you don't agree with them.  We've expressed an opinion or two here, but that's just a few seconds out of 24 hours/365 days a year/33 years of rock.  Hey, it's our job to try to keep things interesting around here and every once in a while we're going to say something that rubs you the wrong way.  Hating us because one of the jocks differs from you politically would be like us hating you because one of your cousins likes Dokken. And remember, once again, that we're not looking to stir up sh!t, we're just trying to entertain and the only viewpoint we own is our own.

If you're like me, you spend about zero minutes each day worrying about politics and most worrying about whether the wind is going to blow that day.  That's the point of this blog. It is very foul, but I think it was very "called for".  This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK AND FEATURES LOTS OF FOUL LANGUAGE.