KCBD is reporting that he fun, the sounds and the sights of the Fourth are no more. County Commissioners have voted for a TOTAL ban on all fireworks this year. Their little vote, once it stops by a judges desk, makes it illegal to sell of set off fireworks for 60 hours under a "local disaster declaration". But wait...the kicker is, it will be sent up to the Gov who will be asked to extend the order to 30 days.

Of course Mayor Tom Martin gave our sister station this news Friday, even though it may not have been his place to do so.

So we all know that you have a little stash of fireworks somewhere, or that some could be found by driving just a couple of hours, so what's going the penalty going to be if you get caught shooting them off? Up to $1000 in fines and up to 180 days in jail.  How would you like to be raped in prison because you were in there on a fireworks charge?  That'll ruin a weekend for sure!

I really doubt the police will enforce the ban, they never have.  Remember fireworks are already illegal in the city limits and on the 4th of July my block looks like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan with shrapnel and body parts flying everywhere.  We have dogs jumping fences and old ladies fainting of "the vapors".  The sparks fly like deadly raindrops and bowel shaking explosions happen at every turn....oh sorry, I got a little carried away there.  Anyways, no fireworks jackass.  And that means sparklers too.

I always like this song by the punk band "X".  Enjoy.