I don't smoke weed and don't plan on it.  Oh, given the opportunity to "take" some, I just might, but I won't "smoke" it.  I smoked cigarettes for many, many years.  I was well over two packs a day and I just can't put anything even resembling a cigarette near my lips or I'll have a problem.

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No, what about ingesting weed? Do you want to "Eat Your Weed-ies"?  Well I "accidentally" did a while back (a couple years ago) and I really enjoyed it. Now you may question the word "accidental", but seriously,  I guy said to me "have a cookie, my wife made them".  Not wanting to offend, I ate one.  It wasn't that good.  He said, "here have another" so I did.  THEN, Heathen spoke up and said "you know those are weed cookies, don't ya?".  I was like "sh@t, good thing I don't have anything to do but listen to music for the next couple of hours.

Anyways, I believe the future of weed is edibles and Heathen found a cool  website called "The Stoners Cookbook". It tells you everything you need to know about cooking with and even extracting cannabis oil.  Seriously, from the stereotypical brownies to Ganga Nachos.  Not only do they have all of this online, they also will send you a free E-Cookbook for your email address.

I guess I need to remind you that marijuana is still illegal in Texas and there are buttholes that will send you to jail for a very long time.


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